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EXO is a 12 member rookie boy group signed to SM Entertainment.  The group is cut in half into two groups with one group promoting in Korea (EXO-K) and the other promoting in China (EXO-M).  Over a span of three months SM released over twenty teasers vids and released two “prologue“ songs to showcase the boys singing and dancing abilities. In April 2012, the boys finally debuted with their single “MAMA” and released their first mini-album with the same name.  Though the boys have just debuted, both groups have been in the top 10 in several KPOP/CPOP charts.

Bangtan Boys


Bangtan Boys (aka BTS or Bulletproof Boy Scouts) is a 7 membered hip hope group signed to Big Hit Entertainment.  The group originally was suppose to debut back in 2010, but several of the members left leaving only Rap Monster.  New members were added, and as trainees the member were featured in several label mates promotion activities such as J-Hope rapping for JoKwon‘s “Animal“ and the other members featured in his MV for “I‘m Da One” . The boys finally debuted in 2013 with their song “No More Dream“ and have gained attention with their amazing rapping skills and charisma.


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